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Monday, September 26, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Dania Kamp, MD
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Dania Kamp, MDMany of us have spent New Year’s Eve with SAM. You know, that maintenance of certification module whose due date always seemed to surpass the amount of “free time” in our busy lives.

In the beginning, we were introduced to SAM in the privacy of our own homes and offices. Later, we were able to do “group visits” with SAM. These dates with SAM were relatively expensive, but as least the “live SAM” allowed for collegiality and a shared respect for knowledge deficits.

But then SAM galloped off into the sunset on July 22, 2016.

Lest you become overcome with grief, the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) has gifted us with three new friends. Their names are KSA, CSA and PI:

  1. KSA refers to “Knowledge Self-Assessment Activity”. Basically, this is the “old SAM” without the required clinical simulation module. It remains a sixty question test on a content area of interest to you. KSA has been assigned a value of 10 points.
  2. CSA or “Clinical Self-Assessment Activity” is the new name for the old SAM linked clinical simulation. You can now choose from a menu of topic areas that may or may not be related to your chosen KSA. It remains in the familiar format of an office visit that repeats over time. CSA is worth 5 points.
  3. PI or “Performance Improvement Activity” is the replacement name for Part IV modules. PI requires office-based practice improvements to be documented over three periods of time. A menu of topic areas is provided by the ABFM. For members who practice in large groups or hospital systems, many existing quality improvement projects qualify for PI. PI projects garner 20 points.

Now a little about points:

  • For those pursuing a ten-year, 3-stage cycle, one must earn 50 points per cycle. There is a minimum requirement of one KSA and one PI per cycle. The other points can be earned in a mix and match manner utilizing PI, KSA and CSA options.
  • For those on the seven year track, a minimum of 3 KSA and one PI activity is required with a total of 110 points.
  • Of course, recertification still means passing the Board exam and earning 50 hours of CME per year. A full summary of the new maintenance of certification process is available in the Summer 2016 edition of the ABFM’s Phoenix newsletter.

The MAFP continues to offer convenient and fun ways to maintain your certification - work groups are now worth 8.00 Prescribed credit(s) by the AAFP.

Upcoming KSA sessions in MN include:

R.I.P. SAM. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the MAFP Foundation.

All the best,

Dania Kamp, MD
MAFP President

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